Our story

A little bit about us

Horses have been a part of both Rachael and Naomi’s lives from a very early age, but their paths crossed 10 years ago when life relocated them both to Columbus Indiana in the US. As luck would have it they both train in dressage, jumping and cross country.

Naomi has a strong equestrian background, starting on ponies as a child and quickly moving to riding competitively in three day events.
Over her riding career Naomi continued to seek knowledge and self-develop, later transitioning from rider to trainer and teaching a wide range of horses and riders. 

Her career has taken her from the United Kingdom to Bulgaria and to the USA, where she continues to learn and grow. More recently, her education and training have been centered around equine bio-mechanics and how to truly use dressage to help horses recover to soundness or simply blossom in their performance.

Rachael and horses are a little different. Prior to moving to the US, Rachael had competed lower level showjumping and had taken a break from riding to pursue her degree. 

Rachael is an engineer and works as such by day, solving complex system level problems and so has a logic and data driven mid set. Career goals relocated Rachael’s husband to the USA. 

After arriving in the US, having brought with them their 4 horses, she resumed riding. At this point Naomi and Rachael’s paths crossed and an unlikely training partnership formed. 

Naomi and Rachael share the same passion for equine rehabilitation and training for soundness. Devoting time with horses to improving their soundness and general well being, our passion is seeing them transform into healthy happy horses with an education that will stand with them for life. To be able to do this and be successful in training these horses to perform at their best, they, like every other equestrian need the right tools, capable footing being one of those key needs.

Rachael Marsh and her horse Joe
Naomi Holcomb competing in a HT in the UK

The forming of TruTex – our journey

So you may be asking yourself, “why in the world an equestrian trainer and an engineer would form a footing company?”

good question …

As we work with horses on a daily basis, it becomes very clear that the footing is a crucial part of the horse’s ability to progress and take on positive exploration. 

The footing has to offer the horse the cushion, stability and security that he needs to enable him to focus on the conversation with the rider, rather than trying to stabilize himself in poor footing. We understand the need to protect our horse’s well being with good footing, and the implications for poor footing. 

We have ridden on high dollar world class footing, we have ridden on plain sand footing and we have ridden on regular old turf. We both know that footing additives are expensive, then if the footing cost is not enough there is the sand that you have to truck in from a specialized source, typically hundreds of miles away to comply with the footing supplier’s installation guide. 

“Having the arena we all dream of is a costly endeavor. Our husbands could have their dream car for what we
want to literally throw on the ground and repeatedly trample with our fellow quadrupeds :)”

It was facing this brutal reality that drove us to look beyond the norm and typical convention of footing specific sands that led us to ultimately finding the perfect product! 

Naomi was relocating her training facility and Rachael specifying an arena at her home, but any of the solutions evaluated were beyond the average horse owner’s budget. 

“Really, we have to truck in sand at $100/ton to work with the 25K of footing needed? … Please, somebody hand us the wine……and the large glasses too”.

We had to find a better way, a way that meant we could afford to eat as well as ride! It was refuting the discontinuities in science that the majority of footing companies encouraged with the sand specifications that lead us to our footing discovery. We came across an amazing product, it is the best we have ever ridden on, it works with our everyday sand and it is very budget friendly. 

So back to your question…
“Why in the world would an equestrian trainer and an engineer form a footing company?” 

Because we love our fellow equestrians and their horses, and in an ideal world every horse and rider would have perfect footing. 

So we formed TruTex.

Our mission is to work toward achieving this ideal. We want to empower the everyday equestrian to be able to provide the footing their equine partners deserve, whilst helping to fund our own horse habit 🙂 

We want as many horses as possible to have access to excellent footing and every horse owner, trainer, and equestrian facility to have access to the dream arena. 

Luxury footing no longer needs to be just a dream, and no longer a life changing $$$ lay out. 

Let us help make that dream a reality for you too!