Preparing your arena and finding the right sand

Whilst adding TruTex will greatly improve any type of sand footing, there are ways that you can further optimize your sand for maximum results!

For best results when keeping your existing sand:

– We recommend a sand depth of 3″ for moderate use arenas or 4″ for high traffic/high impact arenas (before adding fibers).

– Arena sand should be graded and level.

– Ensure your surface drains well. As with any arena additive, TruTex is designed to improve your sand surface and is not a solution for poor drainage. 

– Ensure your existing sand is made up primarily of rock and mineral particles and not organic materials such as dirt or clay.

For new arenas or maximum results rehabbing an arena:

Whilst the same basic recommendations apply here as with existing arenas, additional optimization for the perfect sand profile considers several key factors including:

– The types of rocks and minerals that make up the sand grains

– The shape of the sand grains

– The varying sizes of the sand grains

The ideal sand profile for the majority of disciplines is sub-angular and angular grains of sand, with varying particle sizes.

We know that the task of optimizing for the perfect sand combination can seem like a daunting task to undergo alone. If you need additional guidance, we are here to help you navigate through the process! 
Contact us for more information and to get started.