Equibase OT40 Mats create an all-weather arena that’s rideable even in the wettest weather.

Why Use Equibase OT40 Mats?

  • Equibase mats enable you to create the ultimate all-weather arena, rideable after even the worst rainstorm.

  • Highly efficient drainage features combined with moisture retention for easier maintenance and a more consistent footing.

  • With the ability to absorb more than 40% of the force applied to the surface, Equibase mats offer unrivaled health & performance benefits to the horse vs a traditional base.

That’s 40% less force on the horse’s tendons and joints and a longer, healthier career!

Moisture Retention & Drainage Features of OT40 Mats

Not only are OT40 mats a tremendous advantage to your horse’s health and performance, they include key design features that aid in moisture retention for indoor arenas or a combination of drainage & moisture retention for outdoor arenas.

Indoor Design
Holds 2 gallons of water per mat
Outdoor Design
Alternating drainage vents & water reservoirs

For outdoor arenas – Each OT40 Equibase outdoor mat comes equipped with alternating drainage vents and water reservoirs, for more consistent moisture throughout the footing.

The drainage holes allow excess water to pass through the footing, out through the mat, and out of your base, whilst retaining up to a gallon of water per mat.

For indoor arenas – each mat is capable of holding 2 gallons of water which is wicked up into the surface as needed.

That’s 2400 gallons of water stored in a 20m x 60m indoor ring and constantly being fed back to the surface!

Advantages of OT40 Mats vs Competitor Products

Ultra Rigid & Heavy Design
- Prevents mats from lifting & peeling

- 50lbs per mat
Indoor Mats
Maximize water retention
Indoor Mats
Capable of holding two gallons of water per mat
- Larger contact area with base rock

- Prevents mats from becoming embedded
- Drainage channels for more efficient drainage
  • Ultra rigid & heavy design prevents mats from lifting or peeling
  • 50lbs per mat = 10lbs more than leading competitor
  •  Drainage channels on underside swiftly guide water away for more efficient drainage
  • Larger contact area with base rock to prevent mats from becoming embedded into base over time
  • Indoor mats capable of retaining a huge 2 gallons of water per mat
  • Indoor and outdoor mat options available with different water retention & drainage features

For added peace of mind, Equibase OT40 Mats come with a 20 year performance guarantee!!

How do I Install Equibase Mats?

OT40 Equibase Mats can be installed yourself or by an arena builder on a level lower base in an arena or over a natural base in a paddock. 

Each mat should be installed with a 1.5” expansion spacing allowed on all sides. This enables the mats to expand and contract with changing temperatures and prevents the edges of the mats from lifting and filling with footing.

One person can install roughly 50 mats per hour!

Calculate how many mats you would need for your arena