Equibase OT40 Base Mats

Horse Arena Base Construction
for Next Level Riding

Designed for high-traffic equestrian competition venues and programs focused on excellence, OT40 Base Mats put your arena in a class of its own.

Discover How OT40 Base Mats Work with Your Horse Arena Layers to Create the Ultimate Riding Surface

Created in Germany by ProEquus and distributed throughout the U.S. by TruTex Equestrian, OT40 arena base mats sit between the riding surface and the rock sub-base underneath. Their ultra-rigid and heavy design prevents the mats from slipping or lifting compared with other well-known riding arena base mats.

At the same time, the underside of the OT40 mats is designed to have a larger contact area with the base rock, which prevents them from becoming embedded and keeps the “springy” effect necessary for horses jumping great heights.

In fact, a jumping arena base constructed with OT40 mats absorbs more than 40% of the force applied on impact compared to traditional arena base construction.

That’s 40% less force on the horse’s tendons and joints and a longer, healthier career!

Ultra Thick & Heavy Design
- Prevents mats from lifting & peeling

- 50lbs per mat
Indoor Mats
Maximize water retention
Indoor Mats
Capable of holding two gallons of water per mat
- Larger contact area with base rock

- Prevents mats from becoming embedded
- Drainage channels for more efficient drainage
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Advantages of OT40 Riding Arena Base Mats

In indoor arenas OT40 mats can be laid directly over a leveled clay base – No additional aggregate required!!

Instantly convert a concrete or asphalt surface to a safe base for riding, whether temporary or permanent

Each mat holds between 1-2 gallons of water so your watering efforts go further

Ultra rigid and heavy design prevents the mats from slipping or lifting

20-year performance guarantee

Proven to Be the Best Horse Arena Base Construction System Available

The Winter Equestrian Festival and its host, Wellington International (formerly the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center), are highly respected amongst the riding community not just because of their world-class 4 star competitions but also because of their dedication to superior riding surfaces.

Their newest arena upgrade of the Mogavero Ring will be the second arena at the facility to feature the Equibase OT40 concussion/drainage mat system by ProEquus in its base.

The first arena at PBIEC to utilize the OT40 arena base mats was the DeNemethy Ring. The leadership team at Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP), organizers of the Winter Equestrian Festival, chose the OT40 mats after extensive testing of a number of all-weather arena base products.

“We had been evaluating all of the different footing products out there, and the ProEquus product tested fabulously. When you have a system that allows for a great take-off and a cushioned landing, it’s the perfect combination. People love it, the horses jump fantastic off it, and the riders are really happy.”

– Michael Stone, President of ESP

The OT40 Equibase Arena Base Mat by ProEquus being installed in the Mogavero arena at PBIEC
The OT40 Equibase Arena Base Mat by ProEquus being installed in the Mogavero arena at PBIEC. TruTex Equestrian is the official US distributor of ProEquus products in the USA.

Horse Arena Footing Layers When Using OT40 Mats

There is much more to a horse arena than meets the eye. While quality sand and consistent moisture are both extremely important on the surface layer, the base layers underneath the sand can make or break an arena. The basic horse arena layers when utilizing OT40 Mats are shown below:

horse arena base layers with ot40 mats

The OT40 arena base system was originally only available to high-profile competition arenas and stables in Europe; however, it has recently made its way across the pond and is now making a huge splash in the U.S. riding scene.

From the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in the Southeast to The Iron Horse Farm in the Northwest, OT40 mats are the fastest growing arena base system in the country.

Available exclusively through TruTex Equestrian, the mats also come with a 20-year performance guarantee, so you know it’s an investment for the long-haul.

Indoor Design
Holds 2 gallons of water per mat
Outdoor Design
Alternating drainage vents & water reservoirs
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“We’ve had some heavy rains this season and the drainage was excellent. We were ready for competition almost immediately. We’re very happy to be working with such a high quality product.”

– Michael Stone, President of ESP

OT40 Base Mats Provide Superior Horse Arena Drainage & Moisture Retention

OT40 base mats combine water drainage and water retention elements to create the ultimate all-weather arena that is ready to ride any day of the year. 

The dual honeycomb-like design retains water in evenly distributed wells while also providing drainage channels that divert and direct excess water for ultimate draining efficiency. Each mat holds between 1-2 gallons of water (depending on if it is the indoor or outdoor model), which is then wicked up into the surface as needed. 

That means a 20m x 60m ring will have up to 2,400 gallons of stored water that’s constantly being fed back into the surface! As a result, the arena has more consistent moisture across the entire riding surface while also requiring less frequent watering than a traditional arena.

How to Get Started

The first step is to consult with a TruTex arena specialist to discuss your arena details and objectives.

We keep a number of indoor and outdoor arena base mats in stock at our USA warehouse for a fast delivery turnaround or some orders will ship directly from our manufacturer in Europe.

We can provide you with a detailed quote and timeline on our arena base mat options based on the requirements for your arena.

For added peace of mind, Equibase OT40 Mats come with a 20 year performance guarantee!

How do I Install Equibase Mats?

OT40 Equibase Mats can be installed yourself or by a professional equestrian arena builder on a level clay base in an indoor arena or over a rock base in an outdoor arena. 

Each mat should be installed in a brick-like pattern with a 1” expansion spacing allowed on all sides. This enables the mats to expand and contract with changing temperatures and prevents the edges of the mats from lifting and filling with footing.

One person can install roughly 50 mats per hour!

Calculate how many mats you would need for your arena

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