TruTex Horse Arena Footing Additives

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate an existing arena or seeking a world-class footing for a new competition venue – TruTex is proud to offer a range of quality products to suit your needs and deliver fantastic results!


TruTex fiber and geotextile additives can be self-installed or blended by an experienced professional for added peace-of-mind.

Who Is TruTex Footing Made For?

Increase Performance & Soundness and Reduce Maintenance

TruTex Arena Footing Products

TruTex Footing additives consist of different variations of specially cut textile patches and fiber strands. They are designed to be mixed with sand to enhance the surface quality for the horse and prevent common footing problems. Each product is best suited to certain sand types and matching the right sand and additive together is key.

If you already have a sand installed in your arena, we offer a Free Sand Evaluation Service to determine which product will be the best match.

If you are starting from scratch, our experienced team can assist you with finding the most ideal sand to create a custom blend for your needs. Please consult with us BEFORE purchasing sand to avoid costly mistakes! 


Multi-Purpose Arenas

Best for tightening medium to coarse sands that shift easily and need more grip


Jumping and Dressage Arenas

Combine with fine to medium sands for excellent cushion and traction


Jumping and Dressage Arenas

Best with a very fine sub-angular sand for upper-level training or competition

Best for tightening loose sands that shift too easily

Get a Free Sand Evaluation

Considering a TruTex additive but not sure which one to choose?

Send us a sample of your arena sand or one that you’re considering for a free analysis and evaluation.

Please consult with us before purchasing any new sand.

TruTex Footing Comparison at a Glance

TRUTEX ElementTruTex EclipseTruTex Oasis
Cost Per Sqft
(Based on 2.5"
sand depth)
$.32 per sqft$.32 per sqft$.34 per sqft
ApplicationMulti-purpose arenas.
Can stabilize less ideal sands that feel loose and shift around too easily.
Jumping and Dressage.
Enhances well-balanced, fine to medium sands to optimize cushion and traction.
Jumping and Dressage.
Combine with a premium sand to produce an upscale competition grade footing.
StabilityVery HighMediumHigh
CushionMediumHighVery High
Grip / TractionMediumMediumHigh
Durability /
HighHighVery High

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install the Materials?

More than 70% of our customers choose to install their footing themselves following our step-by-step video guide.


If you prefer to hire a professional install we can help get you connected, just give us a call!

How Does it Ship?

Footing is shipped on pallets in large (up to 750lbs) compressed bales with our preferred LTL freight carriers. Each delivery truck is equipped with a lift gate so that no special equipment is required to unload. The carrier will also call you prior to delivery to arrange a time convenient for you.

How Do I Order?

If you already know what you need, you can place your order online in our store. All major credit cards are accepted.


Otherwise, contact us for a quote and we can advise you on which product and quantity would best suit your setup and goals.

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