A: Yes Trutex fibers can be used to rehab existing arenas and work with all sand types

A: No, Trutex fibers are designed to work with all sand types. The sand itself can be optimized to
provide better stability itself but it is not necessary. If you would like to do this we will be happy
to advise you – please contact us

A: you can install the footing with the help of a few friends 🙂 you will need :
Manure spreader / or rake and more friends
Roto tiller
Suitable groomer

Even with a lower rate of fibers than the recommended amount, you will still notice some improvement in your riding surface. Just know that you will not get the best possible results with a lesser amount. You can always start with fewer fibers and then add more to supplement later if desired.

Select the residential option in the shipping form, it will cost slightly more but the bale can
be unloaded by the delivery operator and you can move them from there.

A : 3×3 x4 ft, if you order more than 1 bale the bales can be stacked up to 3 high per pallet.

A : On average, the bale distribution (if using a manure spreader) and process of mixing the fibers into the sand
using a roto tiller will take anywhere from a few hours to half a day for a standard 66’ x 132’ dressage arena.

A : Yes, the arena will need to be watered but the frequency is dependent on several factors. Whether the arena is outdoor, indoor, time of year and of current climate. To give you an idea, in our indoor arena in Columbus IN with horse traffic of 6+ per day, we water ours once per week in the summer and once every 2 weeks
or more in the winter. 

Before adding the fibers, the indoor absolutely HAD to be watered every two to three days otherwise it was extremely dusty!!

A: Yes, for two reasons.

  1. Because of the fibers’ superior ability to retain moisture, the sand will also remain moist for longer periods of time.
  2. Because the horse will work more on top of the surface rather than in the surface like other types of footing, the turn over and disruption of the sand is greatly reduced resulting in fewer sand particles being disturbed into the air.

A : Yes the fibers make an excellent footing in both indoor and outdoor arenas.

A : Any surface that requires some sort of irrigation will freeze in sub-zero temperatures.
We do find however, that because of how much less the arenas require watering in the winter, any freezing is barely noticeable and is easily groomed by the drag to be completely rideable.

If an arena is very wet from a heavy rain or snow, in an outdoor for example, then the surface will be more likely to freeze in sub-zero temperatures.

A : No. Since it is so straightforward to install, we simply offer the product for sale to make it more cost-effective for our customers.

A : Around 3 inches is ideal for most disciplines but if you are doing higher level jumping, we recommend going up to 4″ for greater shock absorption and energy return.

A : If you are rehabbing an arena and your sand is too deep (>4inch), we recommend you remove some of the sand until you get to 4″ and then re-grade the arena before adding TruTex footing fibers.

A : Yes, the footing provides plenty of stability for horses playing. Be sure to clean up any manure after your horse and don’t let them eat the fibers of course!