Work with a Professional Riding Arena Contractor

Constructing riding arenas requires very specific areas of expertise. That’s why TruTex partners with highly experienced arena builders in order to provide turnkey solutions throughout the United States.

Equestrian Arena Contractor Services Include:

  • Complete horse arena construction
  • Arena base repair and rehabilitation
  • Precision laser grading for arena bases
  • Arena footing installation
  • Routine maintenance and laser grading

When building a riding arena, there are contractors who can construct a horse arena and then there are professional equestrian arena builders. There are multiple advantages to choosing a professional horse arena builder.

The Pros:

  • Know how to build an arena that drains properly with no guess work involved
  • Are experts in the types of base design and materials required for long-term success
  • Have a proven track record and the right equipment for the job
  • Understand the interaction between the footing materials and the horse
  • Can assist you with grooming equipment setup and maintenance techniques
  • Will help you avoid costly mistakes!

When you work with TruTex to hire a riding arena builder, you’ll know that every aspect of your arena is going to be done right the first time. Don’t waste time and money on a contractor who can’t tune in to exactly what you need. The team at TruTex will make sure you have a builder that can do all of the above so your project is a breeze!

With TruTex, not only is your dream arena possible,

We help you make it happen.