Work with an Approved TruTex Equestrian Arena Builder

Horse arena construction requires very specific areas of expertise. That’s why TruTex works with trusted arena builders who specialize in all-weather riding arena construction and renovation throughout the United States.

Complete Peace of Mind with a Specialized Riding Arena Contractor

In addition to quality craftsmanship, customized footings and a highly functional arena. When you hire an approved TruTex arena builder, you’ll know that every aspect of your arena is going to be done right the first time.

Don’t waste time and money on a contractor who doesn’t truly understand what equestrians need or doesn’t have a proven track record as a horse arena builder – There are too many ways it can go wrong and we regularly hear the horror stories first hand! 

Whether you’re looking to construct an outdoor riding arena at your private facility, install an indoor arena surface or build a premium all-weather competition arena, we have you covered! 

Expertise: Our carefully selected team of builders have a proven track record of top quality all-weather arena construction and a deep understanding of equine arena surfaces.

Process: Your riding arena contractor will be 100% dedicated to your project from start to finish for a highly efficient turnaround and minimal arena down time.

Commitment: Our team are dedicated to the long-term success of your arena. We are there to support you and your arena builder every step of the way and for years to come.

Results: Our trusted equestrian arena builders have the knowledge, equipment and integrity to construct the best riding arena for your needs and budget.

How to Get Started

The first step is to consult with a TruTex arena specialist to discuss your arena objectives, timeline and budget. We will walk you through the process step-by step and once we have a better understanding of your goals and proposed arena location, we can determine the best arena builder for your needs and get to work on a more detailed quote.