TruTex arena footing fibers


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Ready to transform your arena footing?

With TruTex Footing Fibers  your horse won’t be the only one who loves to ride on it ♥

Riders can’t believe the difference the fibers make to their arena.

“I feel a lot safer with my green horses knowing that the footing is really stable even if their balance is not great yet”

“I can’t believe I rode in that dusty arena for so long, it is so much nicer for both of us to breath clean air whilst we work and my boarders can’t stop thanking me”

“I feel better knowing that my horse has much more cushion to land on after the jumps and that helps to keep him sound and performing at his best”

Getting your new footing has never been so straightforward:

  1. Use our bale calculator to determine the ideal number of bales to put in your arena.
  2. Add desired number of bales to cart.
  3. Fill out the location that you would like the bales delivered to.
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  6. You will be contacted within 24 hours to arrange a day and time for delivery to your farm.

In the meantime, checkout our arena prep and installation instructions so that you can get your fibers in right away and start riding on it ASAP!