TruTex Drag N Fly STANDARD - by Carolina Arena Equipment


This super versatile drag is suitable for both synthetic fibers and sand footings.

Featuring adjustable ripper teeth, coil tines and rear roller for that perfect finish.

This is the best value drag in its class.


Additional information


60", 72", 84", 96"

Tow Bar Attachment

Yes, No

Swivel Hitch

Yes, No

The DragNFly Standard is a very versatile drag suitable for both synthetic fibers and sand footings.

Features 1 row of ripper teeth, 2 rows of coil tines, rear roller and front assist wheels.

Ripper teeth provide the ability to turn the surface over as needed, to refresh the footing and add more volume.

Exceptionally high quality and heavy duty feel that works well with TruTex footing to keep the surface compressed so that it does not ride deep and the horse stays up on the surface.

Front assist wheels reduce the tractor HP needed and are a nice safety feature to ensure ripper teeth are unable to penetrate arena base by mistake.

With the addition of the tow bar accessory, this groomer can also be pulled with an ATV or utility vehicle.