TruTex Mag for indoor arenas


TruTex Mag for indoor arenas


Have an indoor arena that you’d like to NEVER water again??

If you’re not already familiar with the magical powers of MAG, this might sound too good to be true.

We can assure you however, that this is not the case… With the right application of MAG for your arena size and sand depth, your footing will remain moist all-year-round and you will literally Never water again!!

As an added bonus, your footing will also NEVER FREEZE in the winter as MAG also acts as an ice melt.

TruTex Mag is sold by the pallet – contact us for a custom quote for your arena.



If you’re all about simple solutions to make day-to-day barn maintenance waaaaaay easier – Applying our MAG to your indoor arena is the ultimate solution to NEVER having to water your indoor arena again!

NEVER touch your sprinkler or watering tank again!

NO more frozen fingers trying to set up a leaky hose…

NO more wet walls and dry corners from a rotating sprinkler…

NO more sloppy wet spots from a leaky sprinkler or overlapping circles…

NO more walking that thin line between adding just enough water but not too much to freeze the footing in winter…

Aaaaaand, lets not forget – NO more of your precious TIME spent mindlessly driving around in circles with a watering tank or setting up and waiting for your sprinkler and moving it to different spots in your arena.

Mag works beautifully alongside TruTex footing fibers to give you that magical combination of an extremely stable footing, with a lot of cushion that you will NEVER have to water again!

Very simple to install and no special tools required other than your arena groomer.

Mag is sold by the pallet and can be delivered to your farm anywhere in the USA via one of our LTL freight carriers.

Contact us for a custom quote for your arena.

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Dimensions 44 × 44 × 48 in
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