OT40 Arena Base Mats – Outdoor

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For years, Equibase OT40 Mats have proven to set the industry standard of excellence in competition arenas across Europe.

TruTex is proud to be the official USA distributor of Equibase Mats, making this breakthrough design now available in America!

So how do our innovative OT40 Mats compare to the competition?

  • Ultra rigid & heavy design prevents mats from lifting or peeling
  • 50lbs per mat = 10lbs more than leading competitor
  •  Drainage channels on underside swiftly guide water away for more efficient drainage
  • Larger contact area with base rock to prevent mats from becoming embedded into base over time
  • Indoor mats capable of retaining a huge 2 gallons of water per mat
  • Indoor and outdoor mat options available with different water retention & drainage features

For added peace of mind, Equibase OT40 Mats come with a 20 year performance guarantee!!

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Other benefits of OT40 arena base mats include; reduced aggregate costs of the required sub-base construction and they are straightforward to install.  The OT40 unique water retention design significantly reduces the watering frequency the arena requires whilst maintaining a more consistent footing throughout. Consistency is a key factor in both the performance and safety of a riding arena and is paramount for upper-level competition horses who are challenging their bodies to the highest levels.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 46.5 × 33.5 × 2 in