World-class geotextile footing for jumping and dressage horses

Superior performance for training and competition arenas

Elevate Your Arena With TruTex Oasis Geotextile Footing

Premium quality riding surface

  • Optimized for Performance & Safety

Your TruTex Oasis footing blend can be carefully tailored to meet your exact requirements for your final surface

  • Exceptional Durability

Oasis is produced using only the highest quality raw materials

  • Unparalleled Riding Experience

Oasis looks as stunning as it feels to ride on! Riders and spectators alike will be back again and again to enjoy the show.


TruTex Oasis performs best with a fine, sub-angular sand.

If you have a sand you would like to pair with Oasis, Click here for our free sand evaluation service to confirm suitability. Alternatively, we can assist you with sourcing the right sand from scratch.

A fine silica or mason sand with the right particle shape and gradation is ideal to pair with Oasis. Please consult with us BEFORE purchasing new sand for your arena.


TruTex Oasis requires moisture to function correctly. Oasis retains moisture for longer periods than sand alone, but is best suited to facilities with an efficient watering setup or an irrigation system in place.

The recommended amount of moisture for Oasis is 13-20%, depending on your desired feel in the footing.


Using a compatible groomer is essential to getting the most out of your footing. The right tool will be capable of loosening and mixing the footing materials as well as smoothing and re-compressing the surface.

Total Confidence Underfoot

Optimize your Arena's surface properties

  • Firmness & Support

The surface should be firm enough to support the horse during push-off and landing

  • Traction

The horse needs enough grip to feel secure pushing-off and in turns, without stopping the natural motion of the hoof too early on landing 

  • Cushion & Rebound

The right footing dampens the force of the landing and returns the energy back to the horse for the push-off 

  • Uniformity

The footing in the entire arena should remain consistent

"I’m just loving my footing!!! Once I figured out how to rake it properly, it’s such easy maintenance. I used to have to water and rake daily and now, maybe once a week. My horse loves it too! Never gets too deep and has a lovely spring and stability. Can’t wait to see if it takes longer to freeze this winter. Thanks for all your help!"
Cindy D

TruTex Makes Getting Your New Footing as Straightforward as Possible


Our expert team can guide you every step of the way to ensure you avoid costly mistakes and are set up for success with your new footing.


Your footing will ship to you via a third-party freight carrier. It is important that you read the shipping and delivery information in detail, prior to ordering.


Most people choose to self-install their footing following our video guide. Most installs take under a day and the footing can be ridden on right away!


make the most informed decision for your arena

A: The Element and Eclipse products were primarily designed to help fix inadequacies in commonly used sands for riding arenas.

Element is best for tightening loose, slippery sands whereas Eclipse will add more spring to a sand that already has decent stability but feels a little too flat.

Oasis, is designed to overall enhance an already good quality sand, resulting in a performance that can’t be beat by a less ideal sand formulation.

Our Element and Eclipse products are made from various strands of polymer fibers and geotextile patches. They are a by-product from different types of carpet and similar items  from the textile industry, but are NOT a recycled product! This is important to note as recycled products are much more difficult to regulate EXACTLY what is going into them and maintain consistent quality standards.

We have to be able to ensure that every bale we ship meets strict health and safety and quality standards.

Our fibers do not contain any organic materials that are subject to naturally breaking down over time.

The fibers will not naturally breakdown so their lifespan is determined by the overall wear-and-tear on the arena as well as how well the arena is maintained. 

The better you keep the fibers integrated into your sand, the longer they will last for. If you allow the arena to get very dry for long periods of time, your fibers will be more likely to rise to the surface where they are more susceptible to displacement by the wind or being tracked out of the arena for example.

You will of course gradually lose some footing in the horses’ feet and on your maintenance equipment, but this will only become noticeable after a long period of time. 

The average arena finds it beneficial to refresh a portion of their sand and fibers after about 5 years. If your sand was more worn to begin with or you live in a particularly harsh climate, your arena may need to be refreshed sooner.

Arenas utilizing a very durable silica sand can expect a 10+ year lifespan out of their footing.

A: Yes, TruTex fibers were designed to fix common problems with arena sand such as being too loose and slick or too hard and compact. They can also be used to overall enhance a good quality sand.

A: TruTex fibers work with a wide variety of sands up to 1mm in size but ideally between 0.075mm and 0.6mm for best results.

Element helps to stabilize loose sands like a Mason or Concrete sand and Eclipse adds more spring to sands that already have a reasonable level of stability such as stone sands or those prone to compaction.

A sub-angular silica sand will be the most durable and longest lasting sand and should be paired with TruTex Oasis.

If you’re not sure what you need for your footing, we offer a free sand analysis and evaluation and can consult with you on the best solutions for your arena.

A: Yes! More than 70% of our clients choose to self-install their footing following our step-by-step video guide.

Even with a lower rate of fibers than the recommended amount, you will still notice some improvement in your riding surface. Just know that you will not get the best possible results with a lesser amount. You can always start with fewer fibers and then add more to supplement later if desired.

No Problem! 

Orders of 16,000lbs or less will ship via LTL freight and the truck will be equipped with a lift-gate to get the bales to the ground. However, you are responsible for moving the bales from the unloading site to your arena or staging site. 

Unless you have purchased a custom delivery, unloading inside your property is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the individual driver. TruTex has no control over this.

Please read our detailed shipping and delivery information thoroughly before placing your order.

A : The fibers come in large, highly-compressed bales and are stacked on pallets for shipping. 

We stack up to 3 bales per pallet.