Which drag is best for my arena?

Grooming a TruTex arena with the DragNFly Mini

Having the right tool for grooming your arena is a critical part of maintaining your footing and prolonging the life and quality of the surface.

Whilst there are many kinds of drag available that work well with TruTex fibers and other synthetic surfaces, after extensive research on the different options, we are pleased to recommend the DragNFly arena groomers and are proud to offer them for sale alongside our footing.

There are a number of DragNFly models offered but the drags listed on our website are all configured with the most suitable components to get the best results with TruTex Footing.

A question we get asked often is, “which drag do I need for my arena?” So, let’s discuss the features of each drag and the key differences between each model. 

The DragNFly MINI is a wonderfully balanced groomer that has a very robust feel to it for a drag in this price range. The name “MINI” might suggest that it is a lighter type drag but this is an extremely well crafted tool that still has a ‘heavy duty’ feel to it even at the smaller sizes and the double roller is an awesome feature that is unheard of in this price range.

The MINI is an excellent tool to use for regular grooming and with the addition of the tow bar hitch, can also be pulled with an ATV. The limitation of the MINI is that it does not have the ability to work deep and turn the footing over as the coil tines work through the top couple of inches of the footing. If you have a different tool that you could utilize to turn the footing over periodically, then the MINI could be a great option as a daily groomer.

TruTex - DragNFly Standard arena drag and groomer for fiber footing

The DragNFly STANDARD includes the same coil tines and rear roller as the MINI but has the addition of a set of adjustable ripper teeth and assist wheels in the front. Whilst it is not necessary to utilize the ripper teeth with a TruTex surface on a day-to-day basis, it is a good idea to turn the surface over for periodic maintenance (as the finer sand particles will settle on the bottom over time and become more prone to compaction) and the DragNFly STANDARD is capable of doing that, making this a very versatile drag and essentially an all-in-one tool. The front wheels are also a safety feature to ensure that the teeth are not able to accidentally penetrate your arena base.

 Like the MINI, the STANDARD can also be pulled with an ATV, with the addition of the tow hitch accessory and is slightly lighter weight so can be pulled with a lighter ATV.

The DragNFly PRO with double rollers has all the bells and whistles of both the MINI and the Standard, plus comes equipped with a swivel hitch for ease of getting into corners of the arena, around fences and also prevents edge lines in the dragging pattern due to the fluidity in turns.

The PRO is designed to be pulled behind a tractor only so the other two drag models would be a better option if you are intending to tow with an ATV.

In summary, these are three super tools for keeping your arena footing in excellent shape and the best option for you is going to depend on your individual setup and budget.

Feel free to contact us with any questions as always, we are happy to advise on which would be the best option for your arena.

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