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Synergy vs. MAG Flakes

Compare our two excellent waterless arena footing solutions, and decide which one fits your arena best. Or sign up for a free consultation, and we will help you determine which is right for you.

Waterless Horse Arena Watering Systems

Have you ever dreamed of a dust-free arena that never needs to be watered? What about an arena that never freezes or one that feels freshly watered no matter the humidity? If you’re anything like us, watering an arena is one of those necessary evils where you love the feeling of your footing afterwards, but the actual process is one of your least favorite barn chores.

TruTex is proud to offer two types of waterless arena footing treatments, including our own exclusive Synergy solution, that provide complete horse arena dust control and hydration both indoors and outdoors, no matter where you live in the U.S.

How Do MAG Flakes and Synergy Compare?

While both MAG and Synergy provide excellent arena dust control, each one is best-suited for different types of arenas and climates.
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use
Humid Climates
Dry Climates
Freezing ClimatesDoes not freeze but will not prevent excess water from freezing on an outdoor arena
Ecologically Friendly
Sand Footing
Organic Footing (Dirt, Wood Chips, Sawdust, etc.)
Average Period of Effectiveness6 Months (Depending on Traffic)12-18 Months (Depending on Traffic)

Calculate how much Synergy or MAG you would need for your arena.

Different sand depths and climate types can affect how much of any dust control product you need to apply. Contact us for a custom quote.

How Do MAG and Synergy Work to Provide Complete Dust Control for Horse Arenas?

MAG - Magnesium Chloride Flakes

MAG flakes are a proven hygroscopic agent that draws in moisture naturally—in other words, a type of salt. In fact, one pound of MAG can hold up to four times its weight in water in ideal conditions. MAG is less expensive to buy than Synergy, and is therefore a good cost-effective solution for many indoor barns. However, since it relies on higher humidity levels to draw moisture into the arena footing, it is not as effective in dry climates. It also cannot be used in uncovered arenas due to its sensitivity to rain. In fact, you cannot supplement MAG with water at all because it will wash the magnesium chloride away.

That means it is critical to apply enough MAG to your arena from the beginning. We recommend one bag for every 120 sq. ft. of arena if you have around 3 inches of footing depth. For example, a 70 ft. by 140 ft. arena would require 82  bags. And while MAG flakes are completely non-toxic, as a salt, they can still be mildly corrosive. As such, we recommend you rinse your drag with water about once a week. Some clients also like to rinse their horses’ hooves after riding.

For cold climates, MAG flakes are often an ideal solution for keeping an indoor arena hydrated without freezing. Much like salt on the road, magnesium chloride flakes lower the freezing point of the water and make it more difficult for it to freeze. However, since MAG flakes can only be used indoors, they are not a comprehensive anti-freeze solution for all arena types. Its saline properties also make it unable to couple with organic footing materials (dirt, wood chips, sawdust, etc.). It must be applied only to purely sand or synthetic arena footings. 

Synergy - All-Natural
Liquid Treatment

Synergy is an all-natural, odorless, and non-corrosive solution that uses alkanes made from natural gas. It is applied by first spraying it across the arena’s surface and then mixing it in to create a freshly watered feel for up to 18 months depending on traffic. Synergy coats and agglomerates the sand particles (and any other footing materials) in your arena and weighs them down without evaporating or freezing. While MAG relies on the ability to draw moisture into the footing from the air, Synergy provides its own moisture. That is why Synergy is better suited to dry or desert climates. Synergy is compatible with all kinds of arena footing materials and is completely non-toxic and ecologically friendly.

As opposed to chlorides like MAG, Synergy also offers consistent moisture throughout the riding surface that doesn’t fluctuate based on the weather. It does not wash away with rain – and thus can be used indoors and out. If you have a tool capable of spraying water, then you have the ability to apply Synergy to your arena footing. For a footing depth of about 3 inches, we recommend applying 1 gallon for every 20 sq. ft.  of arena space. For example, a 70 ft. x 140 ft. arena would need 490 gallons of Synergy for complete coverage.

Unlike a pre-blended waterless footing, TruTex Synergy gives you the freedom to work with your existing footing or other local materials, so there’s no need to spend a fortune shipping all new footing across the country!

Waterless Arena Footing Is More Achievable Than You Think!

If you’re not sure which option would work best for you, schedule a free consultation below to discuss your arena details and objectives with a TruTex arena specialist.

They can provide you with a detailed quote and timeline based on the requirements for your arena. We also keep a wide stock of both Synergy and MAG at our USA warehouse for a fast delivery turnaround.

How To Install Your New Dust Free Arena Footing

How to Install MAG Flakes

When applying MAG flakes (or pellets) to your arena, you want to ensure you achieve even, thorough coverage across the entire riding surface. Thus, the first step is actually to drag your arena and make sure it is smooth and level.

Next, while it is possible to spread MAG by hand, the easiest way is to use a broadcast seed or rotary spreader. Make a checkerboard pattern going first north and south in your arena and then east and west over the same area. When MAG is properly applied, it will look like it just lightly snowed. You will immediately see MAG start to pull in moisture and dissolve into the footing. In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours to completely dissolve into the footing. However, it is important to understand that this can vary depending on humidity levels.

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As you get accustomed to your new footing over the next week or two, pay attention to any dry spots where MAG may need to be supplemented, especially around doorways and entries. Finally, it is a good idea to rinse any equipment that was used for spreading.

After the initial loading dose, most arenas will require a partial supplementary treatment in 6 months and then approximately every 12 months after that. The conditions, traffic level, and climate are all factors in the long-term efficacy of the product, and this information is intended only as a general guide and not a guarantee of how long MAG will last in your arena.

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How to Apply Synergy

Like MAG, it is imperative to achieve even, thorough coverage of Synergy across your entire arena. So get out your arena groomer and make sure your arena is well-dragged and completely level before beginning the application.

Depending on how much you order, Synergy can come in large totes or barrels (or both). Either way, you will need a tool capable of spraying water to apply it to your arena. This means it must be able to both apply the solution in an even coat as well as produce the pressure needed to draw the liquid out from its container. Most clients transfer the liquid to an arena watering or chemical spraying tank to apply Synergy. However, it is also possible to combine a large hose and pump to get the job done.

As for the actual application, it is helpful to divide your arena into sections to calculate even distribution of the product across the entire arena. Apply the product evenly. Next, use your arena groomer to mix the Synergy down into the arena footing. Because Synergy is completely non-toxic and non-corrosive, you do not need to rinse your equipment after use other than for normal cleaning if desired.

After the initial application, most arenas will require a smaller supplementary treatment every  12-18 months. As the Synergy applications build up, less and less will be required to maintain the same dust-free conditions. Contact a TruTex representative for more specific reapplication requirements for your particular arena.

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