Top 4 Questions to Consider When Planning Your New Arena

Building an arena is one of the biggest investments a barn owner can make to improve his or her facility. Done correctly, an arena can provide incredible benefits to boarders and open the door to many other revenue generating ventures such as on-site shows, year-round lesson programs, horse camps, and professional clinics. On the other hand, insufficient time and effort…


How to Evaluate your arena footing

Let’s start with the basics of what makes a good footing.A good footing supports the horse for the work being done and feels uniform throughout the ring.A poor footing, works against the horse, hindering performance while increasing the risk of injury and unnecessary wear-and-tear.Not all riding styles require the same footing characteristics but here we'll focus on evaluating footing for…


What is the Best Footing for Dressage Horses?

As a dressage rider, you want to be sure your ring has the right footing to suit your discipline’s unique needs. You’ve got some decent sand in your ring but it’s leaving something to be desired, especially as you train at higher levels. You’re ready to invest in your arena footing, but aren’t sure what exactly you’re looking for. Back…


How to Choose The Right Horse Arena Sand Depth for Jumping

The characteristics of your sand affects how it will respond under the horse's feet. Ultimately, a riding surface either supports injury prevention or promotes lameness. So you’re building or rehabbing a jumping arena and you want to be sure you have the right amount of footing. Since sand is popular and affordable for most riding rings, that’s your go-to. It’s…

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Horse jumping on optimal footing

Find The Best Sand For Horse Arenas Near You

How To Find The Best Sand For Riding Arenas You’re finally ready to get started on that much needed riding arena. Maybe you’re just wanting to rehab an existing ring or perhaps you’re scoping out your dream arena, either way, you may be wondering “how do I find good riding arena sand near me?”"There's nothing more frustrating than putting a…


Maintaining an Arena with TruTex Footing vs a Traditional Sand Footing

Does the thought of maintaining a textile additive in your arena seem daunting? Are you worried that a high-performance arena footing equals high maintenance? If so, you might be tempted to stick with a sand-only footing. While you can certainly do that, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually several maintenance benefits that come with upgrading your…