Free Sand Evaluation

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Different sand types produce different footing properties and won’t all create the same results.

Our FREE sand analysis and evaluation is an excellent resource to set up your project for success and avoid costly mistakes when it comes to material selection.

Before purchasing materials, we recommend that you send in a sample of your sand if;

You’re looking to improve your footing but not sure whether your sand is compatible and which product would work best with your sand.


You’re getting ready to buy a new sand but want to make sure it meets the specs to work with your desired product.


You have several sand options to choose from and need help with deciding on the best fit for your needs.

Please complete the form below and check out (free) to provide us with the information required to make the best recommendations for your needs. This will also allow you to track progress of your analysis and sand report.

Mailing instructions can also be found below.

  • I am sending a sample of: *

  • This arena is: *

  • Disciplines arena is/will be used for? *

  • Traffic level per day: *

  • What is your moisture management setup? *

  • What drag or groomer are you using to maintain your arena? *

Current Issues

  • Do you experience issues with compaction? *

    A compacted arena feels hard and shallow, even though there may have originally been enough sand added.

  • Does your sand often feel too loose? *

    Loose sand will often feel deep and slick and doesn't offer a lot of traction.

  • How often do you have to water your arena to keep it consistently moist and dust free? *

Arena Dimensions

  • Arena length: *

  • Arena width: *

  • Approx. Sand depth: *

    From your arena base to the surface.

  • Ideal time frame for footing installation: *

Your Arena Goals

The sand's characteristics are key for achieving the right properties for a high-performance footing. However, even with less-ideal sand, you can still make significant improvements by using the right TruTex additive. Perfect sand is not always necessary.

  • Please help us understand your arena goals. What result would you consider a success? *

Additional Comments:

    Additional information

    Sending Your Sample

    Step 1 – Take a 1 gallon zip lock bag and fill it about 1/2 full with your sand sample. Be sure to take a scoop of sand going all the way down to the base so it’s a representation of your complete sand profile.

    Step 2 – Write your name and phone number on the bag.

    Step 3 – Mail your sample to:

    TruTex Equestrian LLC,

    7448 W Old SR-252,

    Edinburgh, IN 46124

    Small flat-rate boxes work well!