TruTex Element Outdoor Arena



Transform your existing arena footing with TruTex Element. 
A pre-cycled textile & fiber arena footing additive that provides enhanced stability to loose sands that shift around too easily under the horse’s feet.

Indoor and outdoor use.

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Arena Dimensions

Features of TruTex Element - Textile Fiber Horse Arena Footing

- More rideable in very wet conditions

- Retains moisture between watering or rainfall
This arena went from needing daily watering to watering 2x per week after adding Element
Repurposed Materials
- Sourced from carpet & textile manufacturers in Europe

- Made from polypropylene & nylon

-Element is a 70/30 blend of fibers and geotextile

-Is our most versatile product and works with the widest range of sands. Learn more about how it works here.

-Excellent product for multi-discipline arenas

-Is non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-harmful to humans or animals

Requirements for Element Fiber Footing

Sand Profile

Blends well with a wide range of  sands, including medium to coarse sands when finer sands are unavailable.

If you are looking to improve your existing surface, Click here for our free sand evaluation service and see if Element is the right fit for you.


Requires some moisture (8-12% is ideal)

Moisture is an important component in keeping the sand and textiles bonded together for proper performance.

This article contains helpful information about watering your arena.


Maintenance Equipment

Using a compatible groomer is essential to getting the most out of your footing.

Click here for more information on recommended groomers.


What types of Arenas should utilize TruTex Element?

TruTex Element is the ideal choice for those who are working with an existing sand arena and looking for an economical and straightforward solution to stabilize the sand and improve overall footing quality.

The result will be better traction and support for a more comfortable and confident horse!

This sand is very unstable and allows deep hoofprints. It shifts too easily under the horses' feet.Shallow hoofprints left in arena sand after adding TruTex Fibers. This provides the horse with a lot more support.

Arenas that suffer from overly loose sand that moves around too easily such as the concrete sand in the example shown here are great candidates for TruTex Element.

Arenas with particularly rounded sand particles can also be improved considerably with TruTex Element.

With the lowest moisture requirements of our three products, Element is a great option for a low-maintenance solution or if you’re planning to utilize MAG as an alternative to watering.

"I’m just loving my footing!!! Once I figured out how to rake it properly, it’s such easy maintenance. I used to have to water and rake daily and now, maybe once a week. My horse loves it too! Never gets too deep and has a lovely spring and stability. Can’t wait to see if it takes longer to freeze this winter. Thanks for all your help!"
Cindy D

135 in stock (can be backordered)

Per Bale $650.00

TruTex Element - Multi-Purpose Arena Footing