Arena Drags For Sale

There are many arena drags for sale that are suitable for synthetic surfaces but not all arena drags will produce the same results.

The best horse arena drags will be able to mix the footing materials, loosen any compacted areas and also re-compress the footing for a surface that feels firm and has good traction but also offers ample cushion and energy return at the same time. 

When shopping for an arena drag, it is important to consider what towing vehicle you will plan on using and ensure that your arena drag or groomer is an appropriate width and weight. 

As a general rule of thumb, arena drags should be between 8″ and 12″ wider than the wheel track of your towing vehicle. This prevents any tire marks being left in turns and also allows you to get your drag close to the edge of your ring, without feeling like your pulling vehicle is right up against the arena wall or boards.

If you have questions on any of the arena groomers that we offer or would like to find out whether your current drag will work with a TruTex surface, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also click here for more information on what makes a drag compatible with a synthetic surface.

  • ATV Towable Drags and Groomers

    ATV Towable Drags and Groomers (2)

    Arena drags that can also be pulled with an ATV. ATV drags can have a tow bar hitch accessory added to allow towing with a Gator, Quad, or other all-terrain vehicle.
  • Base Construction

    Base Construction (2)

    Horse Arena Base Construction Products Proper arena base construction is essential to provide long-term health and performance benefits to your horse. TruTex recommends OT40 Equibase mats for high-quality horse arena construction. Equibase mats absorb more than 40% of the force applied to the arena's surface and ensure superior drainage without sacrificing moisture retention. With a 20-year warranty, you can trust Equibase…
  • Drag Accessories

    Drag Accessories (7)

    Accessories and replacement parts for the DragNFly arena groomers.
  • Footing

    Footing (8)

    TruTex Riding Arena Footing Additives
  • Hydration

    Hydration (1)

    Horse Arena Dust Control Solutions We have the horse arena dust control products you need for easy-breathing on all your future rides without the daily hassle inherent to antiquated sprinkler systems. In fact, our MAG CL riding arena dust control product is specially formulated to make watering obsolete. Enjoy the benefits of stable footing and superior cushioning and NEVER worry about…
  • Samples

    Samples (5)

    TruTex Footing Box Samples & Arena Test Strips Footing samples are a great way to choose the best TruTex fibers for your arena. Achieving the right combination of sand, base and riding additives can seem overwhelming, but our footing arena samples provide the chance to test the materials in your own space without paying for shipping. You can also take advantage…