TruTex Oasis Geotextile from Germany - Horse Arena Footing Material

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Indoor and outdoor footing

TruTex Oasis is a top quality geotextile polyester blend from Germany, consisting of 30% fibers and 70% geotextile patches. When paired with the right sand, TruTex Oasis enhances traction, cushion and rebound while also aiding in stability and moisture retention, producing a top-class footing for jumping and dressage.

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*The calculations below are an estimated amount of TruTex footing for your arena. TruTex only advises on the correct amount of product for our own unique formulas – our calculations should not be used to determine the required amount of a different company’s product. Getting a custom quote from one of our footing specialists is always advised before purchasing.

Recommended minimum sand depth is 3″. Please contact us for assistance with sourcing a suitable sand.

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Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 43 × 25 in

What types of arenas should utilize TruTex Oasis?

TruTex Oasis is the ideal choice for those who are looking to optimize both their sand and additive blend for top-level performance and durability. Commercial facilities and higher-traffic arenas will especially benefit from its exceptional durability while smaller private facilities who are looking to train on a world-class footing are also great candidates for Oasis!

What type of sand do I need to have for TruTex Oasis?

For best results with Oasis we recommend a very fine, sub-angular silica or quartz sand. In some cases, river sands with an appropriate gradation and particle shape can also be a good option in areas of the country where silica or quartz are unavailable. Click here for a free specification sheet to take to your sand supplier.

Do I need a special drag for TruTex Oasis?

To get the desired results out of your footing, you will need an arena groomer or drag designed for use with synthetic surfaces. The components needed for this type of footing are s-tines and/or coil tines, adjustable height, and a roller on the back to help re-lay the surface of the footing. These features will keep your materials properly integrated with the sand and bring out the best in your footing ? Here is a link with more information on what to look for in the right drag and our recommendations.

The above link will also outline which type of drags are not a good option for this type of footing and why.

Can I get a sample?

Absolutely! We would love to send you a sample an offer two different sizes for you to choose from, both of which can be found at this link:

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