DragNFly PRO Horse Arena Groomer


This heavy-duty groomer has all the bells and whistles to produce excellent results without being overcomplicated to use, making it the most popular drag for commercial facilities and showgrounds. The Drag N Fly Pro groomer includes robust rollers for optimal compression and produces excellent results with a synthetic surface like TruTex.

A tractor with 3-point-hitch is required.


  • 2 Open Cage Rollers
  • 2 Rows of Spring Tines
  • Adjustable Ripper Teeth
  • Built-in Swivel Hitch

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Features 1 row of adjustable depth ripper teeth, 2 rows of coil tines, front and rear roller.

Equipped with 3 point swivel hitch as standard, reducing the tractor HP requirements and making tight turns easy. Get deeper into the corners and glide around jumps and other obstacles with ease.

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72", 84", 96"