DragNFly MINI by Carolina Arena Equipment - ATV towable


The Drag N Fly Mini by Carolina Arena Equipment is the perfect day-to-day ATV groomer for a sand/fiber surface. For a higher geotextile based footing like TruTex Oasis, we would recommend the Drag N Fly Standard.

The Tow bar attachment can be added in order to tow with almost any ATV. It is not recommended to go over a 60″ drag size for a standard ATV or a 72″ for a larger ATV to ensure towing capacity.

The Drag N Fly Mini drag comes with a built in 3-point-hitch to easily hook up to a tractor when not using the ATV attachment.

The swivel hitch can be added to provide extra mobility in turns and allows the drag to travel around curves more smoothly, without leaving any edge lines in the footing pattern.

The swivel is only designed to be used when towing with a tractor, using the 3-point-hitch.

If towing with an ATV then you only need the tow bar attachment.

Additional information


60", 72", 84", 96"

Towbar Attachment

Yes, No

Swivel Hitch

Yes, No


  • 2 Open Cage Rollers
  • 3 Rows of Offset Spring Tines
  • ATV towing ability

The front roller compresses any loose or fluffy materials, which enables the tines to work them back down into the sand.

The tines work like fingers to mix and loosen any mildly compacted areas, preventing the footing from clumping and providing the ultimate blending effect to the surface.

Finally, at the rear is the second open cage roller that mixes and re-compresses the footing leaving a uniform, attractive pattern on the surface.

ATV attachment available for towing the groomer with an ATV, Golf Cart, 4-wheeler, etc.