DragNFly Standard by Carolina Arena Equipment – ATV Towable


This super versatile arena drag is suitable for both fibers, geotextile and sand footings and is an ATV towable drag.

The optional Tow bar attachment can be added in order to tow with a Gator, a 4-wheeler or other utility vehicle. It is not recommended to go over a 60″ drag size for a standard ATV or 72″ for a larger ATV to ensure towing capacity.

The Drag N Fly Standard has a built-in 3-point-hitch connection to easily hook up to a tractor if not using the ATV attachment.

The swivel is only designed to be used when towing with a tractor, using the 3-point-hitch.

If towing with an ATV then you only need the tow bar attachment.

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Drag features:

  • Adjustable Ripper Teeth
  • Front assist wheels
  • 2 Rows of Spring Tines
  • 1 Open Cage Roller

The front ripper teeth are capable of breaking up heavily compacted ground and the working depth can be adjusted individually.

The front assist wheels aid in balancing the drag horizontally and are also a safety feature that prevent the ripper teeth from being able to dig in deeper than set.

The spring tines help to mix the footing materials and then the rear roller re-compresses the surface for an even and uniform finish.

This drag is exceptionally high quality and has a heavy duty feel that is helpful to be able to effectively re-compress the footing, compared with lighter, competitor groomers that can tend to bounce around and create high and low spots over time.

If you’re looking for an arena drag for an ATV or for a tractor, we highly recommend the DragNFly Standard.

Additional information


60", 72", 84", 96"

Tow Bar Attachment

Yes, No

Swivel Hitch

Yes, No